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Constipational Breakups
Break-ups are a horrible situation for anyone, especially for the person doing the breaking-up. The closest comparison we could find to a break-up would have to be constipation.
Fact 1 - The Pressure
     Deep down inside you feel the pressure that something needs to come out. You don't know how long it will take for the words to come out but it's coming, slowly but surely it's coming.
Fact 2 - Pain
     The pain is inevitable. You know it'll hurt, but in order for this discomforting feeling to pass you must accept it.
Fact 3 - Stalling
     The pressure, pushing, and the pain, all of a sudden become just too much. You start to stall, start to pause for a bit, and start to take deeper breaths. You suddenly find the strength deep down in your abdominals to keep going. It's almost over.
Fact 4 - "Ba-donk" (The Drop)
     It's finally out. At first the splatter of the cold water on your war
:iconruckfules:RuckFules 2 0
Until We Are Together Again
The moon goes down, the sun will rise,
as I wait to be by your side.
You're in my mind, my thoughts, my soul,
and of my heart you take control.
I feel you whisper in my ear,
makes me feel like you are near.
Feel your breath upon my neck,
all our memories I won't regret.
Hear your kisses on the phone,
then remember I'm all alone.
The sun goes down, the moon will rise,
I'll wait here till you're by my side
I'll wait here till the end of time
Till I am yours, and you are mine.
:iconruckfules:RuckFules 0 0
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Random Favourites

This Is Not A Decent Title
I watched the waves curl over each other. I looked at the foam that each one left behind. I longed to be carried away by this ocean, this one… I wanted a wave to curl over me, and I wondered, though… What foam I would leave behind. Would it be filled with melancholy seashells? Or maybe a slew of tears shed from joy. It didn't matter to me. I just wanted to taste the salt water in my mouth… As if I were to speak, and I'd let it in. I just wanted to feel the salt water sting my eyes, like my own tears. Like, those artificial ones too, the ones we made up just to make life seem a little bit easier. Sometimes it worked. Oh, but as the waves curled over one another, I leaned against the bench… My hood fell over my hair, black as night. But, the sunshine hit my eyes in a haze. It felt so good to get away… But, did you know that I do listen to you? I'm never ever really in my own little world, it's just an artificial heaven. I don't know how close I am to it, nor how far I linger away from it
:iconpoetsattemptedmurder:PoetsAttemptedMurder 2 5
Her parents told her as a child,
She was like a promise no one wanted to keep...
When she grew up, she wasn't an equal, they all let her know
At night, she shut her door, and never let them know she would weep.
She did everything they asked of her,
But somehow her brothers were better than she could ever be...
"Worthless," the outsider watching inside,
Wishing what she was looking at, "I wish they would just accept me..."
She's guilty for a heart break, because they didn't care,
Maybe if they cared to open her goodbye note they'd know,
They'd know why she hated her life, they'd know so much...
They always claimed they missed her so, but if that were true, why'd they let her go?
:iconblurryxxmasterpiecex:blurryxxmasterpiecex 2 8
Shatter by PoetsAttemptedMurder Shatter :iconpoetsattemptedmurder:PoetsAttemptedMurder 9 8 Dance With Me by AshThaDreemr Dance With Me :iconashthadreemr:AshThaDreemr 6 16 Give candy plz kthx by celesse Give candy plz kthx :iconcelesse:celesse 3,516 777 BILLIE JOE lavender month by blurryxxmasterpiecex BILLIE JOE lavender month :iconblurryxxmasterpiecex:blurryxxmasterpiecex 1 0 Fight The Tears by pureambivalence Fight The Tears :iconpureambivalence:pureambivalence 8 0 Watching Hopelessly by WhisperingxxHeart Watching Hopelessly :iconwhisperingxxheart:WhisperingxxHeart 1 4
Midnight Reunion
Rain soaked through a shirt
Made with linen and with lace
As black mascara tracks
Streamed down the young girl's face
She lay down in the grass
Drinking rain straight from the sky
Then shadows of the night appeared
And she kissed the day goodbye
Gliding her bare feet
In puddles as she walked
Remembering with all her heart
The last time that they talked
Golden light streaked in her hair
Drowned out by the rain
Dark eyes watching painfully
As water plunged down a drain
She lay down in the street
Just like they used to do
And watched lights change colors
With eyes shimmering like dew
Rain clouds disappeared
As blue heavens faded black
She took her eyes off the lights
And walked away, not looking back
One street away from home
But she went the other way
She stood before his door
Wondering what to say
As she turned to leave
She was bathed in golden light
A voice behind her said
"It's the middle of the night."
She didn't turn to look at him
But stood staring at the ground
Not knowing what to
:iconashthadreemr:AshThaDreemr 4 23
Fade To Blue
As she walked on the shore; she rarely ever cried,
Singing little songs, she sang, "I'll always hide".
She whispered to the wind; "I'm invisible" she'd say,
But another pair of eyes set into hers that day.
His eyes of hollow black; and his wish to be in love,
He looked up to the sky to see a passing dove.
She sang along the seashore; and danced among the breeze,
Her eyes of blue ensemble; her hair of maple trees.
She loved to be alone, but, company she bared,
He whispered in her ear, "Why are you so scared?"
She sang another song of misery and sorrow,
Singing songs of angels cursed; she fell upon tomorrow.
He danced among the clouds; she sang the same sad tune,
She stared into his hollow eyes, as he faded to blue.
:iconpoetsattemptedmurder:PoetsAttemptedMurder 6 14
- The Offer - by aneley - The Offer - :iconaneley:aneley 103 53 I will protect you by evana I will protect you :iconevana:evana 8,649 805 August rain by evana August rain :iconevana:evana 7,146 873



United States
I love arts, music, video games, and people.

WE are the music makers and WE are the dreamers of dreams. - Gene Wilder (Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Current Residence: USA
Favourite genre of music: ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING!!
Favourite photographer: Chantelle Benicki
Favourite style of art: Expressive, just photography.
MP3 player of choice: Ipod Classic
Favourite cartoon character: BATMAN!!
Personal Quote: Whatever jiggles your juggs.
  • Listening to: My brother singing about fergie.
  • Reading: Wolfbreed
  • Watching: xbox screen
  • Playing: xbox
  • Eating: an apple
  • Drinking: water.
So today I'm going to Seattle to see my boyfriend (yays for me) lol anyway and Idk...

...I have a feeling today is going to be interesting.

I'm stoked.



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